Predictions rest on futility

Somedays you wake up, and life feels like it is on repeat. Your body and mind clicks, it whirrs like a machine.  But you can’t be on repeat, because nothing repeats. Even these words (which constitute thoughts) are different with every instance of time. The sensations in your body; of breathing, cold on your back, pen in hand, with every moment is new and fresh.

It is impossible for unbreakable patterns to form. With our limited perception it may seem like we are stuck in a rut, in an upward spiral, or in any place of continual progress or decline. But it is never so. Looking back at old patterns and ways of thinking, we can see how they eventually changed or became irrelevant.Looking back at how we have changed with the years, we can feel that we will change again. By zooming out, we can see the whole evolutionary process we are always in.

Skin cells flake away, hair and nails grow, dreams are fulfilled or extinguished, memories clung to or forgotten. Even your very being is ever-changing.

Therefore, strict predictions of the future are inherently flawed. They cannot be clung to, and the catastrophes imagined are only in our minds. Do not fear what has not happened. Do not decide the outcome of the dice before it is rolled. Do not gather life into sets – there are none. Everything is new and in flux. Yours to find, yours to forge.


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