Between normality and chaos

The two gates are open me

Normality, and chaos

I know my feathers well

Shifting between colours

My eyes hide guile. I slide

Between worlds, intuiting social rules.

I am not proud or humble

Except for when one suits me.

For normality requires a yoke

And it important to find one

At your size. And chaos,

Is just that, chaos

Unbound, the ultimate hubris

Of an individual, creative will

Which, like slender candle

Scorches itself to nothing

Out, out, burn, burn

Leaving only a pile

Of melted wax it calls art.


So do not

Fear your dual

Nature and be

Not trapped in

One or the

Other. Cross bridges

Of darkness and

Cleave to light.

There is no

Truth in this

Cosmos but that

Of ‘all thing

Are’ and no



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