On Dread

The power of dread cannot be overestimated. It is a psychological shadow, a battering ram against the gates of the soul. Like magic, its power is invisible, stored in arcane fonts. For the power of dread is its potentiality, not any actual reference in the world.

Dread is the ability to inflict fear across impossible distances and eternal time-spans. It is an army of darkness which can cross an unguarded border at any time. It manifests more in the minds of the oppressed than it does the image of the tyrant. It is the sum total of belief and fear, sustained by the false reasoning which blasts it out of all proportion. It is a most unnatural thing.

To defeat dread, you must learn to face it. To be upon it, sword in hand, is to triumph. The tyrant’s strength is division and fear, his downfall is always unity and courage. Dread cannot survive an assault, it needs to remain invisible to wield power. The philosopher’s edge can cleave through dread for this reason.

Just see reality. Cleanse yourself of fear through self-empowerment and connection with others, and dread will die with it. The more you realize there is nothing in this world you cannot face, the greater courage will grow, the more dread will diminish.

Ask – what is there to actually fear?

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