Most of us in the ‘developed’ world are not living in extremes of psychological or physiological suffering. We will never suffer any extreme distress. It can be said then that there is a high degree of control and responsibility over ourselves.

How we react to external and internal stimuli is up to us. We have the power! We may think we are stuck in bad patterns and habits, but we can get through all of them. We can change our ways. Whether by mindfulness, exercise, social interaction, or all of these things. We can break the cycles. We can soothe the subconscious.

Life is, at least partially, what you make of it. By angling ourselves to a positive outlook, we can rise above life’s petty annoyances and anxieties. This doesn’t mean ignorance of negativity, it means coping with it and focusing on what we have, rather than what we have not.There is another, massive way to help us cope.

‘We can do it, together.’

Human beings are social creatures. Most of our depressions come from isolation and loneliness. We simply have to trust in other people, especially our friends.

That trust is a choice we are always free to make.


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