Healing Herbs

I find it impossible to believe we live in an intrinsically doomed, evil universe. Nor a ‘neutral’ one. This isn’t just some hippy sentimentalism! Look at the evidence!

The scent of lavender and its calming effect. The soothing taste of hemp oil. The calming bliss of lime blossom. The bold tang of mending elderberry. The soft fullness of wheat. The sound of rushing rivers, the song of small birds, the beauty of the moon through a haze of clouds.

All things which heal us, mend us, maintain us. For all of its suffering, the world is still infused with joy in it – and always will be.

We have evolved parallel to these things – they were not made for us. But it just shows evolution will always find a way to sustain an organism within its environment. What is good for us evolves, but it will always be there. This is cause to live, and be optimistic. There is mana out there waiting for us to discover it.

Herbal teas to heal anxiety –

Lime blossom, Cardomon, Cloves

Rooibos, Echinacea


p.s. Avoid caffienated teas, refined sugar and chocolate!





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