Cracks in the pavement

'The city is expanding

Devouring everything into itself.
The system is absolute
Chaining everything inside itself...'

Is it?

Look at the cracks in the pavement
Where moss and lichen grows
Green through the grey

Look at the cops joking around
On duty
Look at the council worker staring

At their reflection in a monitor

Realizing their futility.


Authority is in our minds
Projected outwards
The feelings of defeat
Are conjured in our heads;
The swell of over-thinking.

Left for ten years
This city would become a forest;
Plants feed off concrete
Trees tear it apart.
We are always only
A few years away from victory.

2 thoughts on “Cracks in the pavement”

  1. Yes I read Larens Van Der Post and he said exactly what your saying , that he would disperse the people from
    the Cities , let them live on the land. Cities were originally for security but now there the most insecure of places.
    Walk With white Bushman, his book is one of my favourites.


    1. I have lived on the land for a while Angela. It was incredible, and much more wholesome. Cities are great for gathering, big industry and entertainment. But living in…that seems like a wrong turn. After discovering the architecture of Hundertwasser, I have no doubt we can live in harmony with the land, as beings of nature and technology. Thanks for the comment, I will check out this Van Der Post! 🙂


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