Come ye shadows, my scabbard is empty for a reason

No more running from stillness and silence. No more running from yourself.

Put nothing between yourself and your fears; hide behind no shield. The longer you leave it, the worse it will become, the less and less free you will become. No castle walls can protect you; shadows can pass through stone. No distance can deter them; they are slow but inevitable. Turn and make a stand.

Let the shadows catch you, let all of your fears come and open your arms to them. Feel what it means to be in the presence of something that scares the shit out of you – it is your soul speaking, screaming in pain.

Devour your nightmares, draw your sword and harness your rage – the rage of the oppressed; the wrath of the silenced. Tear the shadows to pieces, as they come in wave after wave, fuck them up like a raging berserk; toss them aside like a rampaging bull. Nothing can defeat you if you are willing to fight.

The inner-demons cannot harm you, they can only make you harm yourself. You can make yourself love yourself, but first you need a sword at your belt and a rage in your heart and the might to face earthly evil. You need the valour to risk shame, humiliation and failure. You need the experience and discipline to endure pain and torment.

The Dark Ones have planted these demons inside of all proletarians, to make us hate ourselves and work their profit machine. They made the abusers and the psychotics and the oppressors who stain our souls with neurotic self-hatred. They made the social rules which call our rage barbaric and low, for they know rage is the cleasning fire which will ultimately transform this depraved society.

Fuck them back up warrior, for this is the only way…