Laugh, or die!

Here are your options in life – laugh, or die. Absurdity will confront you, stupidity also. Bad things will happen, people will snap. Accidents are never afar. Irrational people will do irrational things. Rational people will do irrational things. Crows will poo on your head.

In our quest for security, let us not become humourless. For humour is security. Jolly people live longer, and the merry have a better, more optimistic outlook on life. They can see opportunity, they can bear the weight of the world. Whatever life brings, can we not at least laugh?

Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Things are funny. The deranged are funny. Trump! Trump!

This world has strong notes of tragedy. Doomed people, dumb pontificators, useless tyrants, bumbling fools, arrogant warblers, mindless drones, bitter widows. Laugh!

Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! There lies strength, in sending it all up. Store them as power. Convert them into mana. Ignore not the hilarious stupidity, embrace it. Ha!

Fear of the Nothing

Sometimes it comes, the fear of the nothing. Sometimes it goes, the fear of the nothing.

A formless entity, bouncing around inside like a ghost. Over time it clove its pathways, over time it gnawed at self-love and implanted viruses of shuddering fear.

It is nothing new, this fear of the nothing. But time could not always heal its tortured echoes, or selfish destructive tendency! The nothing grew in importance, and is hard to catch or face down.

Its trail left ruins over my character, and a pain born of its own void. Like an irrational counsellor, always whispering black speech to dominate the narrative of your being, it haunts, it haunts.

How do you banish the nothing? How do you banish fear?

I do not know yet, but I am on my way to discovering. I think someone wise once said the worst wounds will heal, eventually. Sure, unless you are an amputee!

Ha ha, fucking ha.